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Zombie Research?

You might ask what has this to do with hypnosis?
But it can be useful to keep up with cutting-edge research to help with breakthroughs in the mind that can help in creating new therapy techniques.

A strange research has been carried out in Canada by researchers from University of Ottowa and Carlton University on what would happen in a there was a 'zombie' attack. It reminded me of the rather frightening book called 'Cell" by Stephen King.

The plot revolves around a mysterious signal broadcast over the global cell-phone network that turns the majority of the human race into mindless, rampaging killers- sort of zombies. Professor Robert Smith? (It's not a typo the question mark is part of his surname) said, said, "We model a zombie attack using biological assumptions based on popular zombie movies." But the serious side to the effect is that the paper is published in a book Infectious Diseases Modeling Research Progress. It was mentioned that in some respects, a zombie "plague" resembles a lethal rapidly spreading infection. Ooops....


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