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What Can Mesmerism Teach Hypnotherapy?

29 Jun 2015

what can mesmerism teach hypnotherapyMany lay therapists have the impression that mesmerism is just an old-fashioned hypnotic induction technique… however the reason mesmerism was abandoned was political, yet it still has a lot to offer. In many respects mesmerism has definite advantages over hypnosis, which is why I am writing to you today.

My husband, fellow therapist, James Pool is not only a well established medical hypnosis researcher and trainer, but he is also one of only a handful of true mesmerists in the world.

I am also really excited because he is looking for some very special therapist to pass on his unique knowledge to this September and October. Particularly as he is also the only living person to know Mesmer’s secret teachings. These were passed down by the few aristocratic disciples to survive the French revolution. These men felt that Mesmer’s secret teachings were too powerful to reveal to the public for fear they would be misused in an age of national hatreds. One of the last men to know Mesmer’s secrets, a prominent and wealthy Swiss psychiatrist, told them to James Pool to keep them from dying out.

So what can mesmerism teach the hypnotherapist…

Mesmerism enjoyed a success that hypnotism never has, embraced by Royalty and a number of creative geniuses, Dickens, Dumas, Poe. There were even several hospitals devoted exclusively to mesmerism

Mesmerism is the first bio-energy therapy

Now there are many other bio-energy, therapies ‘ Reiki, healing touch, etc., but mesmerism remains the only bio-energy TRANCE therapy. It is from this trance aspect that it has its power.

Tapping into the super conscious

Some of Mesmer’s French disciples found a method of directly contacting the higher self, a kind of mysterious realm in the human mind, a central point linking the conscious individual with his inner most self and unknown forces in the universe. The aim of mesmerism was to rediscover that central point so that the individual might recover the total of his psychic energy and the unknown riches within him or her.

Why learning about Mesmerism will make you a better hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapists have an advantage learning about Mesmerism. Many of the terms used are similar and hypnotherapists know how to work with trance.

  • Mesmerism will improve you success rate because deeper trance means better results with many conditions.
  • Mesmerism is both a bio-energy therapy and trance therapy thus it gives you another dimension to your practice. Mesmerism influences the electromagnetic field around a person’s body.
  • To learn hypnosis is to learn a technique. To become a mesmerist is to transform your personality – to develop your will power to project bio-energy to entrance your subject.

Set yourself apart from other hypnotherapists by specializing in this exciting field.

Many famous people practiced mesmerism such as Charles Dickens, Alexander Dumas, (author of The Count of Monte Cristo), the Duchess of Bourbon, the Marquis de LaFayette and the Bishop of Dublin.

Naturally they had wealthy, aristocratic and even Royal clients. Consequently, even today this is a therapy that will appeal to a more affluent clientele. There are many historical talking points about famous mesmerists that can be used to publicize your practice with the media.

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with something new about hypnotism for the media but mesmerism is so old it is new again. Just as an old piece of furniture, after a number of years becomes a much sought after and high priced fine antique.

If you’re interested in learning more about the incredible hidden power of mesmerism, James will be sharing his knowledge at an exclusive lecture at this September’s conference and at a special training in October. In the meantime, James and I will be sharing more on this fascinating topic over the coming months via articles, blog posts and at this’s year’s .


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