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training-picWhether you are thinking about embarking on a new and rewarding career or are interested in learning a new skill to help you change your own life and the lives of others, the range of Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy courses are your first step in achieving your goals.

Hypnotherapy has a wide range of applications, from personal development and phobia cures to increased business productivity and executive stress release. The Medical profession is now giving serious recognition to the power of Hypnotherapy in treating a wide range of Clinical disorders. The general public has also embraced Hypnotherapy as an alternative to traditional medical treatments.

The 7-day Diploma course in Advanced Hypnotherapy teaches you everything you need to know to become a practicing hypnotherapist. It includes techniques for personal and corporate clients including phobias, weight loss, age regression and speed reading. The world-famous “Stop Smoking in One Hour” technique is also taught on the course. This training is accredited with the General Hypnotherapy Register.

The Master Diploma course goes beyond the 7-day training and teaches you how to build a corporate consultancy and offer the same type of services as Austin Corporate. Also included on this course is the exclusive new concept of “Hypno-Coaching” to bring about maximum goal achievement and productivity. Combining powerful hypnosis techniques with life coaching models, this is the ultimate weapon in increasing productivity and increasing personal potential.

For those more interested in the medical applications of hypnosis, we offer the Medical Hypnosis Course, covering a staggering range of tools and techniques to use in the medical profession. Valerie Austin and James Pool, the lecturers on this course, were privileged to spend a significant amount of time with surgeon Dr Jack Gibson, who used hypnosis in over 3000 operations, and imparted his vast knowledge to them. Much of the course content is based on proven hypnosis research uncovered by James Pool, a celebrated author and researcher.

The Business Hypnosis focuses entirely on the application of hypnosis in the corporate environment. Introducing hypnosis into businesses can be “hit” or “miss” depending upon your approach. During two days, Valerie Austin imparts her wealth of knowledge in this arena to give you a solid blueprint in tackling business problems with hypnosis and introducing self hypnosis to what can be a skeptical workforce. If you are interested in using hypnosis in the corporate environment, this training is a must.

The Stop Smoking in One Hour Workshop is designed to teach practicing hypnotherapists the Harley Street technique for smoking cessation. With its distinguished 20-year history including extensive media coverage and the subject of a book, this technique will help any hypnotherapist boost their profile and profits. The technique can also be used as an additional corporate service.

The Weight Loss Workshop is an intense training for hypnotherapists, focusing on the issue of weight loss and weight management and the wide range of issues surrounding it. This issue can be a complex matter with many factors affecting a client’s weight. Valerie Austin brings her wealth of experience to this exclusive training.

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