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Austin Training has successfully trained hundreds of hypnotherapists in the past, many of whom have gone on to set up successful practices. Hear are just a few from the Department of Psychology, University of  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Valerie Austin was commissioned to teach her full course to 12 students from the University which included students, teachers and professors. She was later asked to Lecture at the New University in Sabah. "I enjoyed the course very much. It was interesting to note how my scepticism dropped progressively. I found it involved my attention without much effort especially the story-telling method of teaching. I think there’s also a deeper change in my life after having gone through the regression therapy. I will certainly use this method in my practice and will try to contribute forwards in our understanding of it by research. You have enjoyed my interest now, and my curiosity part is satisfied! Keep up the good work and the energy".

Edward Chan. Psychologist/Lecturer.

"I enjoyed the course and benefited tremendously and am able to understand how hypnosis works. Able to understand the power of the mind and belief structure being put into practice. Able to differentiate the similarities and differences between hypnosis and counselling. On the last day, I was really convinced that I am able to do it."

Meriam. Councillor Lecturer UKM University.

"I truly enjoyed this course. It was great fun, enlightening and exhilarating - to say the least. I did gain an insight into my inner self - so to speak. I know what I learnt these 7 days will benefit me all my life in both subtle and direct ways. From a total null - void, we’ve gotten so much information. I can feel the difference. I can feel the extra "bounce" in my walk, so I suppose that says all - in a nutshell"

Prasana Skeedaraa. Student of Psychology at UKM

"Before I came to this hypnotherapy course I didn’t have the confidence that this therapy can work out. I read a book by Brian M.D. In this book the author uses hypnosis to overcome his clients anxiety. What is interesting in this book is that the client went into past life. I attended this course to see how far hypnosis is true and effective. But now after 7 days I feel it is a wonderful therapy. The course changed me a lot and it’s like a platform for me to start my life full of confidence. From the lectures and demonstrations it proves hypnosis to be real and a fact. I now realise my subconscious mind has full power to change my life in more and more positive ways".

Ponnusomy Student of Psychology UKM University

The blind student had a problem that was solved during the course. He disliked reading Braille. During the course his attitude was changed so he could enjoy his reading. "Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to learn from one of the best (if not the best) hypnotherapist in the world today. The learning was wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I will definitely put the knowledge learnt to good use."

Peter Ling Shuroy Huah Director of ATD training and Development.

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