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Supervised Case Histories

Upon successful completion of the 7-day Basic Diploma course (and attainment of the Diploma), course graduates are required to demonstrate their abilities of working with clients by providing a minimum of 12 case histories for assessment by the course tutors.

Duration: 72 hours

Each case history must comprise of 5 therapy sessions per client and be fully documented regarding the content of the sessions and a de-brief of the overall outcome for the client. Once submitted, each case history will be analysed and assessed. Course tutors will discuss the contents of the case histories to enable each therapist to gain a greater understanding of therapeutic processes.

This stage of the therapist’s development is the most crucial - receiving feedback on their caseload allows them to fine-tune their approach to client work, ultimately leading to more efficient and proficient therapeutic interventions.

There is no time-limit for the completion of the Case Histories. The timescale depends entirely on the therapist’s ability to produce the work required. Completion of Part II is a pre-requisite to attending the following modules.


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