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Stop Smoking in just ONE hour

From my experience of helping more than 3,000 smokers around the world to give up, I have found that hypnosis has a much higher success rate than any other treatment.

Over the years, I have honed my own technique so that I now have it a 95% success rate and have also found it is possible to cure someone of smoking in just one hour-long session.

Everyone is susceptible to hypnosis, thought some more than others. The most important thing is for the smoker to genuinely want to give up.

I use a perfectly safe mind reprogramming techniques to change peoples attitude to smoking, and to shift the satisfaction they get from smoking to something beneficial to them. But it is also possible to hypnotise yourself.

Below is a step-by-step guide to creating your own cassette tape for self-hypnosis. You can stop smoking in one hour, or as long as it takes to play the tape you prepare from the following instructions.

There are three stages to self-hypnosis:

Progressive relaxation- a set of words to induce a trance state.
A stop smoking recorded script you listen to while in the trace state.
Counting yourself out of hypnosis.
All of the above can be recorder with your own voice on the cassette, which you should play when you are sitting or lying comfortably.

There should be no distractions, so you may need to take the phone off the hook. When taping your voice, you need to be slow and monotonous.

You may prefer to hypnotise yourself every day for three weeks, or you may find that once is enough.

My book includes a suggested script for progressive relaxation, but you can simply buy one of the many relaxation tapes available and record it in your own voice for the beginning of your stop smoking cassette.
Relaxation techniques will create a hypnotic state, by slowing down, the brain, waves, even if the word hypnosis is never used. When you listen to the tape, dont worry about whether you are achieving hypnosis: just let you mind drift with the words, and it should happen.

There is an aversion therapy script in my book which I often use at this point to increase the effectiveness of the stop smoking suggestions.

The aversion therapy helps the mind experience the unpleasant side of cigarettes, such as the stale smell of the smoke, so when you return to a normal state the thought of a cigarette repulses you even more.

To HELP bring yourself out of hypnosis, use the counting out script to count backwards from ten to one.

In a moment, I am going to count from ten to one, and at the count of one you feel fully aware, fully alert and your eyes will open. Ten, nine, eight  coming up now  seven, six five- more and more alert  four, three, two, one: eyes open.

Which this form of suggestion hypnosis it may work immediately, or you may feel more comfortable hypnotising yourself daily for up to three weeks.

If you have no desire for a cigarette after one session, there is no need to continue. Keep your cassette handy and if you feel you want a cigarette in the future, just reinforce your resolve with another session.

EXTRACTED by Cherry Masten from Stop Smoking In One Hour by Valerie Austin.



You have now made one of the most important decisions of your life..... to save your giving up up polluting your lungs....your lungs perform one of the most important functions in your body....without them you cannot breathe....your cannot is essential for you to keep your lungs clean and fill them with fresh you can live....and be healthy. 'Your body has to cope with pollution from the air that you &breathe.....your lungs are adaptable and can cope with this....but the extra strain that smoking brings about....the extra concentrated pollution you are&.sucking in from each weakening your insides....your mouth....your throat....your lungs....your stomach, and your blood....are just a few of the victims of your carelessness...but also the dangerous chemicals that are used in the pesticides sprayed on the tobacco as it grows are used to kill insects.... and now are but is slowly killing have been forcing people around you.....even young breathe in your extra have been ignorant to how unsociable it has you care about yourself and the people around you.&

'From now will find that you are more and more conscious...that smoking is bad for are more and more aware....of the damage it is doing to your health....that it is increasing..... by many times your chances of dying...a horrible and painful death...from cancer or heart disease.... you imagine yourself fighting and struggling for breath...or suffering with severe damage to your limbs and arteries.

'You may fool your self .....that this a long way off....but you know it will catch up with you know that smoking is doing serious damage to your general level of hate the unpleasant taste in your mouth and hate the way that smoke makes your hair and clothes smell...especially when you know that other people around you&. are noticing it, many people have been able to give up now..... and they notice it more when you smell of smoke....even being beside you makes their own clothes smell.

'You know how much smoking is costing you and how much better you can spend the money on other know that deep down you are lying to yourself.... when you tell yourself that smoking calms and relaxes's only a crutch - you can cope easily without know it is really only making you more is no longer sociable, in fact the smoker is now a misfit....a danger to non-smokers...forcing them to become passive smokers....against their will. 'You find the thought of a cigarette..... so disgusting.....that you do not want to even pick one up....from now on you cut off any urge to have a cigarette...before it even strikes relaxing .....and slowing down your you do this the urge to smoke .... disappears... your subconscious is finding ways to get rid of your smoking habit....redirecting the satisfaction.... to a good habit...more advantageous to have no desire at all from now on to smoke...your craving has gone&. forever.

'The whole idea of smoking is offensive to just don't need it any more....your inner mind finds safe and effective ways to rid yourself of this .....revolting habit...and as your complete mastery.....over your former smoking habit become proud of your self-control and willpower... your lungs and throat.... feel so much have much more feel so much more relaxed....even food tastes so much better.....and you enjoy it so much more....although you find your appetite doesn't feel more like eating healthy foods...and so you find you are able to maintain your desired weight much more easily.....while protecting your body..... from the poison of further smoking.....your inner mind automatically balancing your food keep you fit and healthy....your resistance to illness and disease increases steadily day by just take a deep breath....and relax.....


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