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29 Jun 2015

Now that the ban is in place, millions of smokers are looking to give up. Now is the time to act if you are looking in that direction, as smokers come under renewed pressure to kick the habit

Smoking is banned in all pubs and restaurants under proposals being drawn up by ministers. Originally it was going to not allow smoking only in pubs, which serve food, but now it is impossible to smoke in any public building.

A council is forcing employees who smoke to stay behind at the office to make up for the time they spend on cigarette breaks Staff have been told they must either extend their normal week by two hours or clock in and out each time they pop outside then add the total to the end of each day. Nottingham City Council says the policy is aimed at encouraging 'efficient work practices' and protecting the health of its employees

This should be an excellent opportunity for all hypnotherapists, because this is one field where conventional medical science has little to offer.


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