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Seminar on Terrorism a Remarkbale Success

Over 90 people packed into a lecture hall at Birkbeck College, London on Sunday, 17 July for a seminar on the support of victims of terrorism, following the tragic events of 7/7. My husband and I were able to teach quick and easy techniques to help victims that have been seriously injured. This can be used for any accident victims from car accidents to train crashes. Very useful to know and a person doesn't have to be a hypnotist to learn these life saving skills. Contact me to find out when the next workshop is held.

The course focussed on the potentially life saving treatment of survivors of terrorist acts and therapeutic intervention with hypnotherapy.

Valerie Austin, Head of Austin Corporate, said: Having been involved in the Tsunami earlier this year and been on the Underground on the day of the London bombing, I have a deep understanding of the impact of traumatic events like this on the average person.

She continued: Hypnotherapy has helped me to overcome some of the adverse effects, and I know it can help others. This was the reason I wanted to run the seminar. We expected only a small crowd of maybe 10 people but we were overwhelmed by the demand. Now, we are considering running an additional seminar for people who couldnt make it.


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