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Proof/Scientific Research

The most effective technique was hypnosis in which smokers go into a state of deep relaxation listening to suggestion tapes

New Scientist, 31st October 1992 (Study of over 6,000 smokers)

Even the very latest products do not compare to the success of hypnosisin this field. Depending on the method used in hypnosis, research hasshown that the success rate can vary from a healthy 30% for basic selfhypnosis using audio tapes right up to an incredible 94%.

Von Dedenroth T. (1968) American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis. 18 month study


"Hypnosis is streets ahead of any other therapy or product on the market for stopping people smoking."

Valerie Austin

Especially when compared to products like patches with a success rateof only 14%. Hand, Edwards, Campbell, Cannings (2002) ControlledCardiff Hospital trial, validated at 12 months. Our method is more thansimply listening to an audio tape, this ePack has all the advantages ofaudio tapes and combines that with the video demonstration PLUS all thevital knowledge in the handbook. This increases your understanding andyour willpower, which also increases the success rate. There isn't a better stop smoking pack on the market.


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