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You will find more information on these subjects on the site but here is a brief explanation:

For personal therapy you’ll find out how many sessions are required and why some problems will need more sessions than others. For example, stop smoking is a one-hour session whereas other problems may require between 3-6 separate sessions.

For self-hypnosis, where you use books and CD’s, your belief structure plays an important part in the depth of hypnosis you can attain. However, like anything else, some people are more susceptible to deep trance while others may have to practice a little longer. It is the same with any other form of learning or training, such as riding a bike or learning a new language, the time it takes to become proficient varies from person to person. Hypnosis, like sleeping, is a very natural ability.

If you are working with a hypnotherapist on a one-to-one basis, they are there to instruct you. It is like paying a computer IT expert to show you how to use your computer; you are in charge and cannot be made to do anything that you do not want to do. The hypnotherapist will work with you to quicken the process of deepening your hypnosis and finding out where your problems first manifested. However, if you are working with a hypnotherapist and you are in a group session even being given the same instructions as a personal session, the success-rate will be less and the depth of hypnosis may also be decreased, along with the cost.

If you are working on your own using a book or CD then you may find that you will have to work harder to attain the same level of hypnotic trance state. The main problem is that there is little, if any, feeling in hypnosis except a deep relaxation but the mind can still be active. The more you practice the quieter your mind becomes and your body becomes more relaxed . Any actual signs of hypnosis are physical and can only be observed by a third party watching you in trance. Obviously, since your eyes are closed you cannot be in trance and see these specific visible physical reactions. That is why it is more beneficial to work with a hypnotherapist but ultimately it really is a choice of time and budget.

As you work through the website you will start to understand how and why hypnosis is such an interesting subject that has fascinated professors in the medical profession for centuries leading to thousands of research papers.


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