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New Scientific Evidence Proves Mesmer was Right

29 Jun 2015

“There is only one illness and there is only one cure.”
Franz Anton Mesmer, (May 23, 1734 – March 5, 1815)

Mesmerism is both oldest and the newest thing in hypnotherapy.

New Scientific Evidence Proves Mesmer was Right.

colourmesmerismMesmerism always worked very well, produced deep trances and healed patients. Its weakness was in Mesmer’s theory of the magnetic fluid (energy) that couldn’t be seen or scientifically measured. Hence the doctors said the magnetic fluid didn’t exist. That was basically the findings of the French government commission that investigated mesmerism. They admitted it cured patients but said since the magnetic fluid couldn’t be observed or measured, the cure was simply due to the patient’s imagination.

Writing about the French commission in his book “Energy Medicine East and West” Marc Micozzi professor of physiology and biophysics at Georgetown University said: “They discounted the magnetic fluid that Mesmer claimed to transmit to his patients…. Two hundred years later the tide has turned, modern biomagnetism has documented that there is an energy field surrounding the human body.” (Mayor and Miscozzi: Energy Medicine East and West p.284).

In spite of rejection by the more orthodox doctors, Mesmerism continued to be the major method of hypnotherapy, in use for one hundred years. However, in about 1880 as medicine itself became more scientific doctors became more critical of Mesmerism because of Mesmer’s theory of the magnetic fluid. This was one of the main reasons mesmerism was gradually abandoned as more and more therapists turned to hypnotism.

However, in the 1970’s several prominent scientists began experimenting with bio-energies. Doctor Valerie Hunt, a professor at UCLA, Candace Pert PhD a research scientist and others challenged the old “scientific” idea that bio-energies didn’t exist. In her book “Infinite Mind: Science of Human Vibrations of Consciousness” Hunt wrote, “Fortunately for us, a major paradigm shift has brought new ideas. Now we know that reality is infinitely more complex than science has ever envisioned. Most profound changes in the conception of reality came from Einstein’s Unified Field Theory. This theory states that all matter is organized energy. Whether the energy is constellated as a cup, tree, or a human being, it has a field associated with it. There are no firm boundaries between fields. Fields then extend everywhere, an open system, free to evolve and grow.

Physicists have studied the interactions between two fields, but when it comes to more than two fields interacting, they bow out, leaving that to the mystics. Yet, the most important level from which to understand the world and human beings is the level of the field transaction. We k now that living things have dynamic fields, which constantly and selectively transact with all environmental fields” as a result of my work,” said Hunt, “I can no longer consider the body as organic systems or tissues. The healthy body is a flowing, interactive electrodynamics energy field. What interferes with flow will have detrimental effects.”

Writing about the role of modern stress in both physical and psychological illnesses Hunt said, “If one does not respond successfully to stressful simulation, the body suffers – probably first in the energy field with anti-coherent patterns. It behooves us, therefore, to recognize that the health of the electromagnetic field is critical because this leads to the health or disease of the entire biological system. Emphasis on clean air, food, water, rest and exercise are incomplete without retuning and strengthening our energy fields.”

This is exactly what Mesmer said over two hundred years ago, “There is only one illness and there is only one cure.” In other words the one illness is the bio-energies of the body out of harmony and Mesmerism is the one cure that puts them back in harmony with nature again.

In his recent book, ‘Energies Medicine: The Scientific Basis’, James Oschman PhD states that Mesmer’s animal magnetism was unjustly maligned. He concludes that Mesmer, discovered energy medicine before its time, but now the time has come to integrate it with traditional treatment.

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