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Personal therapy for loosing weight?

hypno-lossweightTo change your behavior it is necessary to use hypnosis to persuade the mind to change from overeating for a psychological reason (or in simple terms ‘to feed the mind’), to eating to nourish the body. To retrain the mind to get back into the habit of using its natural discipline of stopping eating when you are full. This is a discipline you were born with. You can use a suggestion in hypnosis to help you eat less and exercise or if you want a more permanent change you may need to find out if your over eating is trauma based. It acts like a mind ‘virus’ that slipped in when you were a child. If your weight is trauma related then you may require ‘age regression’ from a specialist in this field of hypnosis to speed up the process.

A course of hypnotherapy will allow the hypnotherapist to take you back to the emotional event in childhood that has been causing this change of attitude towards food and eating. By seeing / remembering the incident again, but this time with 'adult' eyes, together with some specialist therapy, this will allow the trauma to be fixed. These are the first steps in eliminating the subconscious' desire for food, in excess of hunger needs.

All this is achieved by using age regression but unfortunately many hypnotherapists do not have the specialist skill to find the memory where your over-weight program started. It is rather like a computer virus where you need to get to the point of entry, regressing back to the first time you started eating for a reason other than to nourish your body. Any kind of eating that overrides that ‘satisfied’ feeling when you have eaten sufficient is in order to gain extra satisfaction that has nothing to do with the body’s need for survival. It is this desire for extra satisfaction that needs dealing with.

The subconscious has a deep-rooted need for excess food (food that is not required for physiological reasons but for emotional reasons) because of the emotional event from the past but dieting and slimming is not the solution. The particular emotional event in question needs to be revisited and 'fixed' before any long term progress can be made.

The regression therapy usually takes between 3-6 sessions. Every individual case is different and it depends upon how soon the hypnotherapist can identify the initial trigger causing the problem. Weight loss therapy can be complicated as weight gain can be a symptom for more than one cause. A course of hypnosis can be as high as several thousand pounds for the course of therapy but generally costs about £135 for a one hour session. On the high end you are really paying for the success rate of that particular therapist and expertise.

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