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Get fit with mind weight control

Valerie Austin, Consultant Hypnotherapy with Advanced Structured Hypnosis Diploma Graduates, Katie Glen and Jolanta Rudska-Gowda.
I held one of mind-fit workshops for therapists this week focussing on weight. Hypnosis is what I use to keep me 'wanting' to eat healthily and it is amazing how easy it is. Hypnosis allows you to be disinterested in unhealthy food or between meal snacks, especially at parties. Once I see myself eating the nuts and crisps at functions I know I am due for my annual hypnosis top-up especially before I go on my cruises. I am lucky because I have an in-house hypnotist, my husband.

Before a cruise he hypnotizes me to stop drinking, eat healthily and enjoy using the exercise rooms which are generally spectacular on the cruise ships, I certainly need to look healthy for my lectures aboard. Since I am sailing on two cruises this year, the next one in December, I enjoy this fitness routine and it saves masses of money in this recession. By the end of the cruise passengers tend fly over to have therapy when they see how it works with me.


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