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Cancer: Help, Hope & Hypnosis

29 Jun 2015

breast-cancer-bandsCancer is becoming the most talked about disease, which is starting to frighten and affect almost everyone, including my actress friend Sally Farmiloe who shared her story in the national press recently. Sally has been battling for some time now and her book will very shortly be published on the subject. She is very strong and very brave and will aggressively fight it.

If cancer hasn’t affected you by now, it is likely to in the near future if the statistics are anything to go by. The number of people diagnosed with cancer is growing each year at an alarming rate. It could be any of us, our relations, our friends or even friends of friends who receive this terrible life threatening diagnosis and if you are not already aware of the treatment and what a cancer sufferer and the people around them have to go through I am sure you will soon know every terrible step.

As a therapist, whose vocation is to help people, I advise that all therapists should consider learning how to help their clients who have been diagnosed with cancer. In our profession we can generally deal with the psychological effects of our client cancer sufferers and their families and friends but what about the physical effects, which are now proving to be greatly helped with hypnosis? Just some of the advantages of using hypnosis include relieving the stress, reducing the healing time and distress and even shrinking tumours.

With my hands-on experience as a cancer carer for my attorney friend and witnessing what a change of life and an ordeal it was gave us both the nudge to look deeper into what more can be done. We have taken a year to cover fact finding alternative cancer conferences and medical conferences in the US, interviewing top cancer researchers, surgeons and doctors for their views and it is amazing what we have found out. For example, how food and exercise can help considerably and how hypnosis is necessary to make incredible changes. We are now filming for our next documentary based on the information we have gathered on cancer that we hope will also get chosen for the Cannes Film Festival.

At my Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference next month, I’ll be revealing what the experts and medical doctors feel about current treatments and showing how alternative treatment can be a saviour, by helping to increase the survival rate.


tackling the cancer crisis pic2“I had never considered working with Cancer until one of my closest friends and a colleague was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer with a 15% survival rate. Inger Garcia is an incredibly skilled criminal attorney and my co-documentary film producer and a big part of my life in the US.

When Inger received this life changing news she had to more or less close her businesses. Then a miracle happened with the use of hypnosis. Because she was unable to have chemo or radiation before her operation for two months she used specially adapted self-hypnosis every day with special techniques intended to reduce the size of the tumour and changed her diet to predominantly organic food.

After her surgery the surgeon told her that her tumour had reduced instead of grown in size and that she was now stage 2B, which meant she now had an 85% survival rate as opposed to 15%. We were ecstatic. Also the surgeon said she had never seen anything like it when she got to see the tumor.

Throughout her ideal I became her carer and sat beside her for the chemo treatments, whilst talking to the medical team giving their advice. I was introduced to the top people in Cancer research and spent hours interviewing specialists, each with their own point of view and ideas regarding alternative treatments. Interestingly, what all the specialists agreed on was to have less stress and even more critical was a healthy diet and that is where hypnosis excels. As doctors are not taught about nutrition they referred patients to nutritionists but few of them knew which foods fight cancer and this is very important.

Advanced Hypnotherapy and nutrition for cancer therapy is a new combination which is already proving to be a winning combination. My own hands-on experience with cancer therapy is ground breaking and documented and I will be sharing some of the information at the conference and teaching it in-depth at a specialist workshop. The good news is that anyone can learn something that could mean the difference between life and death for a loved one.

If you would like to learn more about this very important treatment approach, which can be used alongside conventional medicine, make sure you join me at the conference next month (Fri 13th – Sun 15th September)

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P.S If you’d like to find out more about how you can help cancer patients and their families, I’d be delighted for you to join me at my post-conference ‘Austin Cancer Diet and Hypnotherapy’ specialist practitioner training click here

P.P.S. If you have questions about the cancer diet & hypnosis therapy and would like an informal chat with me, please call 020 7702 4900. Cancer affects everyone… I would be delighted to hear from anyone who wishes to help.


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